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We are dedicating ourselves to working with companies that want to produce products that actually serve humanity in there usefulness as well as maintaining the highest possible standards to protect the environment and human equality.

We at “Make it Eco”  believe every product sold on the market can already be made (or be developed) in a NON-TOXIC, BIO-DEGRADEABLE form that would allow continued economical growth without compromising the ecological health of the one and only planet we exist on.  

By supporting our online store you will be the difference the world needs.

We love this technically advance world we live in, however the journey here has left the world a massive complex problem. Toxic chemicals in the processing of the everyday products we purchase have dramatic effects on the environment and wildlife of this planet.  Large corporations have had the money and technical resource to use existing technologies and management practices to prevent our consumer societies from poisoning ourselves and all living organisms with toxic chemicals, yet they remain solely driven by the mighty dollar.