Starting off on the right foot:

Getting Geeky with Web Hosting


One of the first steps to starting an online business is, of course, getting your domain name and a website right… Well, who is going to host that website for you?  

Starting an Eco & Ethical Business is no easy task.  One can quickly find themselves immersed in hypocrisy and “Green Wash” products.  Sorting through all the available options of every little component of your business is tough enough.  Just to find the best value, quality of services and products.  Adding to this monumental task is then choosing which service or product is the GREENEST can be a nightmare. Large corporations know there is a higher market value for Environmentally Friendly products and pay lots of money for creative writing that suggests their product is ECO. Most of the marketing is quite disingenuous and only grossly magnifies a slight change to their previous practices.

This in part is good news for the best and brightest that have fought hard to develop their ideas with an unwavering of Ethics to bring real change to consumers.  While big business is asleep at the wheel. Eco-innovators and entrepreneurs are grabbing the well-deserved position at the helm piloting us forward to a GreenEthical and Sustainable future.

So for us at “Make it Eco” we needed to start off on the right foot.  WEB HOSTING?

Oh, I need a web host to start a website!!!

Well, there are on average 4.48 Billion websites on the World Wide Web and each website needs a host to deliver their information to your viewing device ie. computer, tablet or smartphone. The data centers deliver this information using electricity, approximately   416.2 terawatt hours of electricity. That is about 3 percent of the world’s supply of electricity. This usage is attributed to 2% of total Global GreenHouse Gas Emissions.  It is estimated that over the next ten years the energy demand to power these data centers will triple.

Thankfully there are a few companies shining a big green light on this and operating their Web Hosting services with Eco technologies. Make it Eco has decided to get geeky and put our dollars to work with Trey Gardner & his super smart team at GreenGeeks.

They say two minds are better than 1, well how about 35,000 minds… GreenGeeks provides web hosting for more than 35,000 individual customers and supports their 300,000 plus websites. So what makes these Geeks so Green?  The answer is in the energy, with a 300% Renewable Energy Commitment.  GreenGeeks is an EPA Green Power Partner that purchases renewable wind energy credits at a rate 3X greater than the energy they consume.  Over 9 years in business this team of geeks has replaced 615000+ KWH/YEAR.  That is the kind of commitment Make it Eco is all about and we think you should be too.

Getting a bit geekier on this issue from the Tech side GreenGeeks purchases energy efficient servers with Intel Dual Quad Core Xeon processors. Now If that doesn’t grab you by the horns, how does 64GB DDR3 Ram sound to you, packed into large SSD RAID-10 storage arrays. All of that to provide superior performance & redundancy alongside their impressive Gigabit connectivity to switches.

The team at Make it Eco are proud to know that our customers and supporters will be making a difference without even knowing it.  Just by spending their valuable online time on our site, the energy used will be renewable.

That is about all the Geeking Out we can do.

So if you have a website already or are about to start one and want reliable 24/7/365 service.  Feel free to click any of our affiliate links to GreenGeeks and start changing the world today.  

For those of you who don’t need web hosting services, rest assured your time here was Eco-Friendly.

Thank You

Aaron Alderson@Make it Eco

Help us to help you be the change the world needs.